A Public Service Project of
Sparrows Wheel

My name is Barbara K.  I’d like to tell you the story of why Wolfgang Pracht and I launched Sparrows Wheel in Austin, Texas in the Spring of 2005.  

Our goal was simple: Freedom of Speech through the Power of Music.

Our purpose was to devise and deploy a stupendously successful alternative funding strategy for noncommercial media. 

At first we created a nonprofit record company, but quickly realized the limitations of such a model.  

So, in 2006, we moved on to a nonprofit CD consignment store.  Online, of course. The model was pretty cool, lots of local recording artists participated. But in the end, we discovered that it, too, had it’s limitations.

So in 2008 we founded Artists for Media Diversity, A4MD, a 501c3 tax exempt organization. In 2012, A4MD partnered with the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and the Latino Public Radio Consortium on a special project called “Artists for Vieques”.  

We produced a compilation digital album of music from extremely talented and socially engaged recording artists who contributed music downloads in support of the people of Vieques. The purpose - establish WVQR Radio Vieques as a strong community voice for environmental justice, local culture and economic development. Their island, off the coast of Puerto Rico, had been used as a US Naval bombing range for over 60 years.  WVQR Radio Vieques is broadcasting today.

Artists for Media Diversity, inactive since 2013, has arrived at it’s final season and will be dissolving, like snow in springtime.  

And so the circle returns to where it had begun. We love the simple beauty of a circle, a wheel, the Earth - always beginning and always returning to begin again.

We begin again with Somuma - a public service for creative songwriters and musicians to empower ourselves and our communities through the power of our music.

Thanks for being here.
Barbara K and Wolfgang Pracht

How do we creatives empower ourselves and the ones we love?
By empowering our creations.

How do we empower our creations? 
By placing our recordings in support of the common good.  

How do Songwriters and Recording Artists support the common good?
We contribute a recording of one song to a Community Organization. When combined with other artists' contributions, we create a Community Digital Album. Community Digital Albums benefit community organizations.

How do Social Music Marketeers support the common good?
We promote music sales by embedding sales-generating-MP3-players on our social media pages and personal websites.

What are the benefits of Social Music Marketing?

  • Recording Artists promote Community Organizations
  • Community Organizations promote Recording Artists' contributions
  • Social Music Marketeers embed MP3 Music Players in webpages and blog posts
  • MP3 Music Players generate sales and raise awareness around the world

We are creative songwriters/musicians. 
We want to contribute to the common good. How do we get involved? 
Our first Community Digital Album is Swimming In Blackwater.
To contribute a song, visit Sparrows Wheel for more information.

We are people who love the power of music.
We want to contribute to the common good.   How do we get involved?

Social Music Marketeers promote Community Organizations through the power of music. Get the Codes.

Thanks for being here!