Recording Artists


Consign an Artist Digital Album to Sparrows Wheel for sale in Somuma


Promotion by Social Music Marketeers


Donate music downloads of one song to Artists for Media Diversity


Produce a 7 minute radio show featuring your music and statement of support for:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Culture for the Common Good

About Somuma

Hello, I'm Barbara K, songwriter and recording artist.  Together, with my friends Wolfgang Pracht of Sparrows Wheel and John Guertin of CleaRights, we created Somuma as a public service for creative songwriters and musicians to empower ourselves and the ones we love through the power of our own music.

How do we empower ourselves and the ones we love?
By empowering our creations.

How do we empower our creations?
By placing them in support of the common good.

How do we support the common good?
When recording artists consign their digital albums for sale in Somuma, they also donate music downloads of one song to Artists for Media Diversity, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization promoting culture for the common good.

How do recording artists benefit?
SOMUMA stands for Social Music Marketeers.
Marketeers promote sales of Artists Digital Albums and Artists share proceeds with Marketeers.

How does that work?
Artists and Record Companies consign Artist Digital Albums at wholesale prices (50% of retail).  Artist Digital Albums are sold at retail prices, or $1 per track (for example, 12 tracks, $12).  Artists share 25% of the proceeds with Marketeers. Somuma tracks sales and pays Artists and Marketeers.

Can Artists be Marketeers and receive an additional 25% of the proceeds, too?
Absolutely!  Artists  promote their own album or any Artist Digital Album in Somuma.  We'll track all sales related to Artists/Marketeer promotional efforts and pay them 25% of the proceeds. 

Sparrows Wheel Consignment



Somuma, a word we made up to signify Social Music Marketeers,  is a public service project of CleaRights and Sparrows Wheel.

We support Artists for Media Diversity. 


Artists for Media Diversity

Artists for Media Diversity, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, fosters awareness of the need for independent media voices in America, provides assistance to emerging community-based or public media outlets and promotes musical and cultural diversity. 



CleaRights provides music publishing administration services to independent recording artists and financial administration services to Somuma.


Sparrows Wheel

Sparrows Wheel created Somuma to provide Artist Digital Album consignment and Social Music Marketeering services for songwriters and recording artists who care about the common good.

Sparrows Wheel produces Community Digital Albums for Artists for Media Diversity. We also produce The Nature of Truth and A Moment of Truth radio shows for A4MD.