There was not a moment's hesitation when I asked Berta Benally if Sihasin would consider contributing their powerful Punk-Pop-Rock anthem "Take A Stand" as the lead track on our digital album in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"Of course."

Take a moment and watch Sihasin's video of sister and brother band, Jeneda and Clayson Benally,  featuring their father Jones Benally singing in their Dine' (Navaho) language.


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Jess Klein

“I started making music so that I could heal myself and learned along the way that by doing so I could help other people heal. My belief in the ability of humans to heal is what keeps me going as an artist and a human being. I am donating a song to the "Swimming in Blackwater" project to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. My desire is for my music to support the people who contribute to the healing of this world, not to its destruction.

"I also learned recently that the Cherokee Creek Music Festival - a festival where I've performed - is run by the same man who runs Energy Transfer Partners, the company spearheading the Pipeline. I wish to stand in my power as an artist and to reclaim my music for healing. We each have a voice and I want mine to support the Standing Rock Sioux and their work to protect the sacred land and water that is rightly theirs. I encourage other artists to do the same.” 

Jess Klein

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Barbara K

When I heard the news that they were burning Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles in oil containment rings in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, I experienced a moment of heart wrenching concern combined with extreme compassion. It was in that very moment that something opened up inside of me and I picked up a pen and Swimming in Blackwater flowed thorough my head and my heart and and my hand onto the paper in one flash of timelessness.

So when I heard the news that they were running pipelines underneath more than 200 rivers, streams and creeks, I immediately thought of the river turtles that rest in the sun on the banks of the Colorado River that runs through the center of Austin, Texas.  And this song came back to me as a warning of what could be, not only for the turtles, but for all living beings. 

And when I heard the news that people were gathering to protect the water against the pipeline, I knew there'd be trouble and that these brave women and men will need our support.

I am grateful to the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and to LaDonna Bravebull Allard for transforming her land into the Camp of the Sacred Stones, for taking the initiative in April of 2016 to take a stand and inviting the world to stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I've lived the life of an activist for many years, breaking new ground for a vision of funding independent media through the power of music. All along the way, I've been writing songs with Wolfgang Pracht and recording them with some of the finest musicians with whom I've had the honorable and joyful pleasure of making music.  

Thanks for being here and for taking part in our social music adventure.

Xoxo Barbara K

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