Jess Klein

“I started making music so that I could heal myself and learned along the way that by doing so I could help other people heal. My belief in the ability of humans to heal is what keeps me going as an artist and a human being. I am donating a song to the "Swimming in Blackwater" project to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. My desire is for my music to support the people who contribute to the healing of this world, not to its destruction.

"I also learned recently that the Cherokee Creek Music Festival - a festival where I've performed - is run by the same man who runs Energy Transfer Partners, the company spearheading the Pipeline. I wish to stand in my power as an artist and to reclaim my music for healing. We each have a voice and I want mine to support the Standing Rock Sioux and their work to protect the sacred land and water that is rightly theirs. I encourage other artists to do the same.” 

Jess Klein

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