Swimming In Blackwater


For the Water Protectors, from our hearts to yours.


Swimming In Blackwater

American Songwriters and Musicians join together in support of Camp of the Sacred Stones

“I was asked, “When do you consider this pipeline issue to be over?” I said, when every pipe is out of the ground and the earth is repaired across the United States. I am not negotiating, I am not backing down. I must stand for our grandchildren and for the water.”
~ LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Founder, Camp of the Sacred Stones

Co-produced by songwriters Jess Klein and Mike June, Swimming In Blackwater - West was produced to benefit the Camp of the Sacred Stones in their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Klein describes her reasons for contributing to the album: "Not only are the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe standing up for their land, their sovereignty, their right to clean water, and the protection of our planet, they are also setting an example for all concerned citizens in the world to follow - activism rooted in spiritual belief.  Each day of the DAPL protests started with the tribal chiefs leading a prayer for all present and also praying for the Army Corps, the people threatening them.  This is the powerful example we all need to follow as the shadows and fear of humanity threaten to overpower us.  The Standing Rock, like MLK or Gandhi, are finding a way to say "yes" to the greater power of love and humanity to overcome fear." 

Malcolm Holcombe puts it succinctly: "Water is life. What else is there to say?"


3 Song EP "Prelude"

12 Song Album "West"

swimming In Nlackwater
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Swimming In Blackwater

by Various Artists

For the Water Protectors, from our hearts to yours.

Swimming in Blackwater
Artists Statements of Support


SIHASIN   "Take A Stand"

Havilah Rand
“Blood and Oil”

“Our responsibility to protect the Earth and the people who belong to it is in dire need of attention and direct action. I view my work as a songwriter as a responsibility to share my truth with the world and as an instrument of positive transformation. The song I am offering entitled "Blood and Oil" was written to the brave water protectors at Standing Rock and also expresses my belief that love and compassion towards all sentient beings is our only protection against the fear and greed that is currently causing so much pain and destruction across our planet.”


Malcolm Holcolmbe
“Down The River”

“Water is life; what else needs to be said?”


Chip Robinson
“Scar Tissue”

“This song is not much, but it is all I can offer in the moment. There is too much darkness already in this land and everyday it seems to get a little bit darker. There is only two sides to this situation: Right and Wrong. DAP is wrong on more than one level to bring a pipeline through Sioux land, all that is left from previous broken treaties. I stand with the right and the righteous. And this situation is far from over.”


Peter Mulvey
“If You Shoot at a King You Must Kill Him”

“Milwaukee and Wisconsin are both Native words. We are all in this together.”


Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers
“Not For Long”

“In this world, we all need to stand together, in as many ways as possible, as often as possible. We couldn't stand side by side with our brothers and sisters in North Dakota, yet we can offer this song and much hope and good mojo.”


Jess Klein
“Learning Faith”

“I started making music so that I could heal myself and learned along the way that by doing so I could help other people heal. My belief in the ability of humans to heal is what keeps me going as an artist and a human being. I am donating a song to the "Swimming in Blackwater" project to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. My desire is for my music to support the people who contribute to the healing of this world, not to its destruction.”


Rod Picott
“Secret Heart”

“I stand in support of the united efforts to protect the water source and sacred land of our Native American brothers and sisters.”


MC Frontalot
“Chisel Down”

“This is among the smallest possible things we could do to help, but we hope it does help a little.“


Mike June
“Fighting the War”

"I am contributing to this project because I strongly believe in the communicative power of music, and the effect it can have on the individual listener."


Gaelynn Lea
“Breathe, You Are Alive”

“I believe that water is the sacred key to our survival and that protecting it affirms the value of the Earth and all creatures who inhabit it. I believe that indigenous rights matter and that human rights matter - I believe that people of all backgrounds need to come together and support each other when these rights are threatened or ignored. I am supporting this project out of respect for the brave and difficult work of the activists at Camp of the Sacred Stones - contributing a track to this album is just one tiny way to contribute to their efforts. The world needs people to stand up for what they believe in and I believe that Camp of Sacred Stones is setting an example for people all over the world. Thank you to Camp of Sacred Stones for your service to the Earth and to humanity.”


Jared Tyler
“Pain of the World”

“The pipeline dilemma at Standing Rock has been a major wake up call for the people on Earth in my opinion. Water is life, and we must do everything in our power to protect it! The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped, and I commend all those brave souls who have been on the front lines of this fight. I chose to contribute my song "Pain of the World" in hopes that its message brings love to those who listen. It is my hope and prayer that the music of "Swimming in Blackwater" brings many blessings to all those involved at the Camp of the Sacred Stones.”

Barbara K
“Swimming In Blackwater”

“ I am grateful to the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and to LaDonna Brave Bull Allard for transforming her land into the Camp of the Sacred Stones, for taking a stand and for inviting the world to stand with the water protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline.”


Executive Producer: Gerald Torres
Producers: Barbara K & Wolfgang Pracht
Co-Producers: Jess Klein and Mike June
Photography: Ralf Merian