Right now

many recording artists are like small fish at the very end of a long food chain rife with sharks of all sizes. Creating the present, we can be vulnerable to bad business deals for our future. Historically, careers have been thwarted for singing songs and making statements of simple truths crying to be told.

Many musicians have had to embrace tactics of shameless self promotion just to survive. It hurts and we don't like being in this position. The lives of uncompromising artists are particularly not easy.

But we have the power to change all this. 

We're creating a magical world where songwriters and musicians are willing to take a stand and be supported for their courage.  A world where the power of one song can mend the social fabric of our worn and torn lives. Where buying music we like supports the ones we love.

Somuma - Social Music Marketeers. 

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Spring 2017

Community Digital Albums

Songwriters, recording artists and people who love music support local radio stations and public media.

Autumn 2017

Artists Digital Albums

Recording artists share 25% of the proceeds from their digital album sales with Social Music Marketeers. 

Social Music Marketeers

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