Havilah Rand

"Our responsibility to protect the Earth and the people who belong to it is in dire need of attention and direct action. The current situation at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota provides an opportunity for the citizens of the United States of America to take a stand against the corruption and financial greed that has grossly distorted the role of our government and put the health and lives of millions of Americans at risk. I view my work as a songwriter as a responsibility to share my truth with the world and as an instrument of positive transformation. The song I am offering entitled "Blood and Oil" was written to the brave water protectors at Standing Rock and also expresses my belief that love and compassion towards all sentient beings is our only protection against the fear and greed that is currently causing so much pain and destruction across our planet. It is my sincerest hope that this song will play a role in providing financial support and hope to the many people whose lives are being directly affected by the Dakota Access Pipeline."
~ Haviliah Rand

Havilah Rand is an award winning singer songwriter based in Austin, TX. Her musical journey spans two decades and weaves its way through the jazz halls of New York City, the alternative rock venues of post grunge Seattle and countless listening rooms with acoustic guitar in tow. Havilah offers a unique brand of melodically lush, groove infused Americana mulled in poetic lyricism born of adventure, self exploration and artistry at its most poignant. She is also the founder and creator of Young Songwriter Camps and Workshops, a program that brings music and creativity to kids through summer camps and after school workshops.

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