Jared Tyler

"I am deeply honored and humbled by being asked to contribute a song to "Swimming in Blackwater." The pipeline dilemma at Standing Rock has been a major wake up call for the people on Earth in my opinion. Water is life, and we must do everything in our power to protect it! The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped, and I commend all those brave souls who have been on the front lines of this fight. I chose to contribute my song "Pain of the World" in hopes that its message brings love to those who listen. It is my hope and prayer that the music of "Swimming in Blackwater" brings many blessings to all those involved at the Camp of the Sacred Stones."
~ Jared Tyler

Oklahoma native, Jared Tyler, has been writing and performing songs since he was in his teens. In his relatively short career, Jared has made music with a remarkable array of respected artists. He’s opened shows for Nickel Creek, Merle Haggard, Wilco, Shelby Lynne, John Hammond and Willis Alan Ramsey. He’s performed or recorded with John Moreland, Emmylou Harris, David Wilcox, Suzi Ragsdale, Darrell Scott, and John Fullbright. And as a producer, he’s worked with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Monica Taylor, Jimmy LaFave and Malcolm Holcombe, among others.

"Jared Tyler not only has the rare ability to see through to the heart of a song, he illuminates it so that others can see it too.”- Chuck Zwicky (Engineer/Producer- NYC)

“Jared Tyler is equally great as an artist, songwriter, musician and producer. He transcends all the boundaries of music with a remarkable force that makes his music timeless.” - Ray Kennedy (Roots/Americana producer - Nashville)

“Jared sings and plays as good as anybody. Period. His songs are poignant justice.” - Malcolm Holcombe (Singer-Songwriter - Swannanoa, NC)

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