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I was asked, “When do you consider this pipeline issue to be over?” I said, when every pipe is out of the ground and the earth is repaired across the United States. I am not negotiating, I am not backing down. I must stand for our grandchildren and for the water.
~ LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Founder, Camp of the Sacred Stones


Inspired by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, initiator of the nonviolent movement against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, songwriters Barbara K and Wolfgang Pracht created the Swimming In Blackwater project to support water protectors standing with the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Co-produced by songwriters Jess Klein and Mike June, Swimming In Blackwater - West is the first of several planned community digital albums to benefit the Camp of the Sacred Stones in their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Klein describes her reasons for contributing to the album: "Not only are the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe standing up for their land, their sovereignty, their right to clean water, and the protection of our planet, they are also setting an example for all concerned citizens in the world to follow - activism rooted in spiritual belief.  Each day of the DAPL protests started with the tribal chiefs leading a prayer for all present and also praying for the Army Corps, the people threatening them.  This is the powerful example we all need to follow as the shadows and fear of humanity threaten to overpower us.  The Standing Rock, like MLK or Gandhi, are finding a way to say "yes" to the greater power of love and humanity to overcome fear." 

Malcolm Holcombe puts it succinctly: "Water is life. What else is there to say?"

100% of funds generated from the Swimming In Blackwater Community Digital Album are paid directly to the Camp Of The Sacred Stones.


Executive Producer: Gerald Torres
Producers: Barbara K and Wolfgang Pracht
Co-Producers: Jess Klein and Mike June
Album Photography: Ralf Merian
Digital Album Production: Sparrows Wheel
Music Administration: CleaRights


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Jess Klein

Photo: Valerie Fremin

Photo: Valerie Fremin


Recording Artist Letter to Kelcy Warren, owner of Energy Transfer Partners


Barbara K with Richard Bowden - Swimming In Blackwater