Like to raise awareness through the power of music?

So do we.


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Twelve years ago, on a clear Spring day, Wolfgang Pracht and Barbara K started out on a journey.  Their destination: Freedom of Speech through the Power of Music.

It began on a road between two mountain villages east of the River Rhein, then crossed over the Atlantic to Austin, Texas and, with patience and diligence, one day arrived upon the shores of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

Along the way, they met hundreds of songwriters and recording artists who, like themselves, understood that the nature of truth is a deeply personal perspective shared through songs we write and music we play with our fellow musicians.

We created Artists for Media Diversity as our vehicle to provide mutual support to community and pubic radio stations broadcasting in the United States of America.

Where else will you discover the nature of truth in the public airwaves?

And now, we have Somuma. 

Why Somuma?

Because lots of us would rather be writing songs and playing music instead of promoting ourselves to make a living on platforms making a killing using our music as enticement for commercial advertising.

We'd rather be sharing the proceeds with our friends and fans who support us as we strive to create truth and beauty in a world filled with sorrow and woe.